Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Am At The Game Education Summit This Week (Liveblogging)

The Game Education Summit is one of my favorite conferences.  It doesn't have much to do with intel.  In fact it has nothing to do with intel, which is its big advantage for me.  It is the kind of small (ish) conference that gets me out of my comfort zone and makes me think differently.

I went last year and it inspired me to try to use games in the classroom.  Games-based learning is a growing and fairly well documented field of pedagogy.  The Department of Education has even endorsed games-based learning as a powerful teaching tool when employed effectively.

There's the rub -- "employed effectively" -- which is why I am here.

This year I will be presenting my paper on using games to help teach strategic intelligence.  I will be posting more on that later but in case you are interested in what I picked up last year, check out the links below:

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Open Creativity (Part 3)
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Innovative Teaching Through Game Design (Part 5)

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