Thursday, June 16, 2011

Intelligence Analyst "Words To Live By" -- #3 (

This is the third of 10 surveys I intend to conduct to determine which are the "best" quotes, sayings and words of wisdom for intelligence analysts.

If you want more detail on why I am doing this, see the previous post.

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Voting on the first two lists is still open:
List 1
List 2

The current frontrunners from the second list include (with the percentage representing the percent of respondents who said move it up the list):
"Describing a past event is not intelligence analysis; it is history. True intelligence analysis is always predictive." Robert Clark (68%)
"If you don't make any mistakes in life, you don't accomplish anything." -- Aikido Master Ken Ota (65%)
"Always bring something to write with and on." -- Numerous (54%)
All other entries are currently below 50%.


Kevin Larkin said...

First off, putting together motivational/inspirational quotes for this sort of subject is a great idea.

However, reading through and voting for the different quotes on offer, I beginning to feel that only some are actually relevant to intelligence ANALYSIS. If we are talking about analyzing information then different mantras apply compared to the job of running sources or executing policy based on intelligence.

I hope that can be kept in mind when voting.

Keep up the good work. Really like the blog, very useful stuff.

Kristan J. Wheaton said...


Thanks for the kind words!

I am trying to focus on analysis but analysis as it is done across the broad range of intelligence sub-disciplines (i.e. not just national security but also law enforcement and business).

Your point, though, is well-taken. The ultimate output of this project is the "Intelligence Analyst's Deck of Cards". I, too, hope readers will keep this in mind while voting.