Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reviewers Needed For Visual Analytics Science And Technology (VAST) 2011 Challenge (PNNL)

The National Visualization and Analytics Center at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratories in coordination with the IEEE sponsors a visual analytics challenge each year at the IEEE conference for students and researchers.  
In order to judge the output from the participants, the challenge organizers asks for analysts to participate as reviewers of the submissions.  Kris Cook, who is on the contest committee, has asked me to put the word out that the contest needs reviewers for this year’s challenge.  
This is an unpaid, all volunteer effort to assist a non-profit sponsored contest.  Kris’ note to me is reproduced below with additional links.  If you are interested in participating or have any additional questions, please contact her directly.  
For what it is worth, taking a look at the VAST entries is a very interesting and rewarding way to learn what is happening in the world of visual analytics.
Begin Text of Note: 
Once again, we are in need of analysts to help us review submissions to the Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST) Challenge.  The goal of the VAST Challenge is for teams to design intuitive new visualizations that support analysis of complex data sets.

We are soliciting reviewers for three mini-challenges and a Grand Challenge.
•    Mini-Challenge 1 challenges participants to develop tools to characterize the spread of an epidemic using the geospatial and micro-blogging data provided
•    Mini-Challenge 2 challenges participants to create cyber security situational awareness visualizations to identify events of interest in a collection of computer network logs
•    Mini-Challenge 3 challenges participants to create visual analytics tools to support investigation into criminal activity.
•    The Grand Challenge asks participants to look across all Mini-Challenge data to provide visual insights into an over-arching scenario.
More specific information about the tasks may be found at

As a reviewer you would be responsible for viewing 3-4 submissions. Each submission consists of:
•    Documents of several pages in length describing the software and how it was used in solving the mini challenge.
•    Screen shots of the software in use on the data
•    Video showing an example of the analytic process used by the team.  
Submissions will be available for review by July 2nd and reviews must be returned no later than COB July 15th.  All review materials will be accessible over the internet. Reviews will be conducted using the Precision Conference web-based reviewing system. Reviewers will be registered in the Precision Conference system and will submit their reviews using Precision Conference web pages.

If you are interested in reviewing please send e-mail to kris.cook at no later than June 22nd.  Please indicate which mini challenge you would be most interested in reviewing.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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Kris Cook said...

This is the fifth year for the VAST Challenge. NVAC has played a leadership role in previous challenges, but the committee has changed somewhat this year. The 2011 VAST Challenge committee is being chaired by University of Massachusetts-Lowell with co-chairs from the United States Air Force, the Department of Defense and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

We encourage you to consider reviewing for this year's challenge. Your feedback will inform creative thinking that leads to better analytic tools in the future.