Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Help! Where Can I Find A Job?? (RFI)

I am in the process of updating and compiling my list of job resources for entry-level intelligence analysts and I could use your help!  

If you  know of any good websites or resources, please either send them to me (kwheaton at mercyhurst dot edu) or post them in the comments below.  

What kind of links am I looking for?

  • Job links for entry-level intelligence analysts.  If you know of a company or organization that has intelligence analyst jobs on the books that can be filled by an entry-level analyst, send a link.
  • Job links for intelligence analyst-like positions.  Lots of positions within the private sector (such as anti-money laundering positions with most banks) are good fits for entry-level intelligence analysts but they are rarely easy to find through straightforward job searches.  
  • Job links for international positions (for nationals and expatriates).  There doesn't appear to be a good list of job resources for individuals with intelligence analyst skills who want to work outside their native country.  Likewise, expatriates often having a hard time finding intelligence-like jobs in foreign countries.
  • Job links for Non-Governmental Organizations.  NGO's rarely if ever title analyst positions as "intelligence" positions, yet the intelligence analyst skill set is often the best fit.

Beyond job boards or specialist search sites, what else can you provide?  Job preparation resources.  Getting a job in any intelligence position in challenging.  Any hints or tips that are particularly relevant to the intel job search would be appreciated.  What kind of stuff am I talking about?

  • Interview skills
  • Resumes
  • Social Media Usage/Presence (LinkedIn in particular)
  • Job Fairs
  • Hints and tips for breaking in
Once I get everything compiled, I will post the list here!


David said...

If they want to find AML positions, your students should look under compliance more so than intelligence. There are a bunch of compliance job aggregators out there. Below is a link off the top of my head, but others are ComplianceEx. LinkedIn also has a ton, and when in doubt check JPMorgan right meow.

One link:

Anonymous said...

What I would struggle with are cover letters. I would stare at a blank Word document for a long time mulling over how to talk about myself as a person, not as a qualified candidate. A good cover letter will, in few words, display not only what sets you apart, but why you and the job are made for each other. It's easy to want to sound robotic because you don't want to overstep your bounds. But that's your resume: your cover letter is a snapshot self-portrait illustrating not how much you want the job, but why you're the right pick. Briefly pepper in a condensed version of your dreams to add a human-yet-professional element.